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HOW TO : DIY Distressed / Ripped Jeans Tutorial

DIY – Ripped Jeans (Tutorial)

DIY: Distressed and ripped jeans tutorial


how to make ripped jeans

I found the best way that didn’t just look like you cut up your pair of jeans with craft scissors was this:

DIY distressed jeans – this site has the BEST tutorials on how to alter clothes!

DIY Knee Ripped Jeans Tutorial 2018 – How To Style

DIY Distressed Jeans . Free tutorial with pictures on how to rip a pair of ripped …

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If you’re like me and can’t justify paying the price for some worn out looking jeans then I’ll let you into how you can do it yourself at home.

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DIY | 5 minute Ripped Jeans Tutorial

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DIY Distressed Ripped Jeans Tutorial

Since I love DIY’s, I tried different ways to perfect the art of making a ripped & distressed jeans and I’ll share that with you on today’s tutorial.


ripped jeans tutorial

How To Make A Ripped Jeans – DIY Tutorial Pinit

Ripped, distressed jean tutorial, DIY perfect for Autumn and Spring – YouTube